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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Dec 1, 2005 1:47am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: saving streaming MP3s

Excerpt from what I posted to another thread a week or so ago:

BTW for anyone worried that this will pollute your trades, of course people should not be trading stream captures from here. Want to make sure you get an original copy? Trade only for a fileset that is known to match the checksum data at
That's the reference Matt and GDIAP used to coordinate their effort. The cryptic numbers in foldernames on filesets people formerly downloaded from LMA? They are the "shnid" numbers from there.

Worried that you'll get an audio copy (possibly from a stream capture) and can't refer to the checksums? Sorry to say that you're already polluting your trades by trading in audio CD gens. Go lossless, and go *known* lossless. This is the established practice, predating the LMA by years.